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Ramblings of a High School Loner

11:20 AM

Okay, so I'm at the Community College, and I had to go to the bathroom after riding the city bus. So, before I went to the Technology Center, I went to the nearest restroom. I went into the first stall and I saw a s**t load of s**t in the toilet!

As a now sixteen-year old junior of a charter high school also taking college classes, I had to say

What the f**k?

It was obviously an adult who was either visiting the college or is currently enrolled in the classes who left a present in that toilet

Why would a grown ass person forget to flush after themselves? I have no idea

i would expect something like that from a little three year old who was using the potty for the first time...

And even they know better than that...

So, whoever did either

a.) Was too lazy to flush after themselves

b.) Had no respect for themselves, the people, or the environment

c.) Has mistaken the college bathroom for a Fry's bathroom

Believe me, I've seen worse in public bathrooms


Don't worry, I won't go into details

But, still, I never expected to find that in a college restroom...seriously
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