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The Chicken has landed!

((This entry has nothing to do with chickens))

Role playing is dying.

And when I say "dying", I don't mean just fading into the mist of an endless void of forgotten memories.

No, role playing is bleeding all over the floor, like a heart that has just been stabbed with a stainless steel dagger.

The role playing game on MSN has now gone deserted. I have waited for three weeks for a reply, and there has not been any activity. I understand if they're busy with school and other matter. The least they could do is PM me to say that they won't be online for an amount of time and for whatever reason. I hate being stuck in the dark without a reason or a warning.

I have tried to find other role playing games out there be become active in, but so far, they all consist of "LOL! I hav a gr8 time at da mall n it waz awsome! my OC pwnz ur charcter cuz shez tight lik dat!"

I hate text talk. It bugs the hell out of me.
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