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Ninjuushin no Hitokage

One of my stories on FictionPress.com:

“Minori! Minori, where are you?”

The shrill voice of the distressed cry was heard throughout the small house residing within the wet valley of Hino. The air inside was thick and cold, not only because of the weather, but because of death, an uninvited force which didn’t need an invitation at all.

“Minori! Minori!”

The young woman scream, searching frantically inside each of the room, decorated with the blood of her formal sisters and maidens. The red substance glistened in the light of the full moon, the only beam of light illuminating in the otherwise pitch darkness of the night. The smell of corroding bodies and waste was enough to make her vomit, but remained her composure as she continued her search. From the corner of he left eye, she saw something glistening from under the sliding wooden door. Her eyes slowly turned to the door to find the vile crimson liquid trickle from a small stream to a thicker one which touched her feet. The blood was warm, signaling that the blood flow happened at that very moment.

Fearing that the blood came from Minori, the woman slid back the door which such a great deal of force that she slipped on the blood and hit the right side of her head on the hard, oak- tiled floor with a painful thud. She slowly lifted her head, half of her face covered in blood, a mixture from the stray blood and her own from the gash on the side of her forehead. In her blurred vision, she saw what appeared to be two human figures. When her vision cleared, there were two human figures.

One was a young woman, lying on the floor with blood and brains oozing from her opened head. The second was of a little girl, no more than maybe five or six years old, her black hair covering a pair of glowing ruby red eyes. Her blue and white kimono was covered with the blood of the young woman now laying dead on the floor. In her left hand, there was a bloody katana and in her right was a doll in a green and black velvet dress. The woman gasped in horror as she couldn’t believe the sight in front of her. Minori wasn’t being killed at all, she was doing the killing.

“M- Minori? W-Why?”

She tearfully looked at the little girl whom she had raised from infancy to now. The little girl whose smile shown brighter than a thousand stars and cheerfulness that could brighten even the most depressed , and gloomiest stranger, was now looking down on her, a sinister smile spread across her thin lips as she licked the luscious crimson liquid from the sword. Ominously, she stepped towards the trembling woman and in a demonic voice, she asked, “Do you want to know why I killed her?”

The woman was in such stock that it felt like her legs were bounded to the floor by an invisible talisman spell.

“N-No, please, no…stay b-back…”

Minori came closer and closer until there were only two mere feet separating her and the woman. She narrowed her eyes and asked again in a low, demanding tone, “Do you know why I killed her?”

But, before the woman could even murmur a reply of another plea, the fifteen pound katana came down on her head, splitting her skull in half. Minori walked over the blood and brains as she murmured the answer, “Because I wanted to…”

Minori walked outside and into the pouring rain. She closed her eyes and spread out her arms, letting the katana drop to the ground and allowed the droplets cleanse her face and body of some of the blood on her kimono.

She looked down at the doll within her hand, which was also being rinse of blood. She placed the doll on the wet grass and took hold of a small dagger she hid within her kimono. She took the dagger and stabbed it into her hand and blood fell onto the talisman. She begins to chant an evil spell and when finished, she blacked out and fainted on the grass next to the talisman.

When Minori woke up several hours later, she had no idea why she was outside in the rain, nor did she had a clue why her hand was bleeding, nor why her favorite kimono was covered in blood. When she walked into the house, she let out a blood curling scream as she saw her two sisters both massacred.

She had no idea what happened three hours ago…
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